Project Grading Sheet

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The points below are just "convenience" checkpoints to help structure the grading. However, the grade is mostly based on your project as a whole; getting many satisfactory checks does not necessarily guarantee a good project.

Completeness of Portfolio Missing Incomplete Satisfactory
1st deliverable (screens+design rationale) O O O
working demo O O O
heuristic evaluation O O O
redesign rationale+final design critique O O O

Screen snaps/design rationale Poor Okay Great
practical realization of storyboards O O O
fixes major flaws in storyboards O O O
shows progress of design O O O
good rationale behind design O O O
Sophistication and quality of design O O O

Heuristic Evaluation Poor Okay Great
Problems categorized by heuristics O O O
Major problems detected O O O
Severity ratings are reasonable O O O
Main points of the evaluation are summarized O O O
Sophistication and quality O O O

Implementation: completion Poor Okay Great
depth of interface shown O O O
breadth of interface shown O O O
non-interface aspects O O O
scope of project O O O
sophistication and quality O O O

Implementation: Graphical Design Poor Okay Great
visual appearance O O O
sensibility of layouts O O O
sophistication and quality O O O

Implementation: Usability Poor Okay Great
simple and natural dialog O O O
speaks the users language O O O
minimizes memory load O O O
consistent O O O
provides feedback O O O
clearly marked exits O O O
shortcuts for experts O O O
user error handling O O O
provides relevant help O O O
use of windows/dialog structures O O O

Implementation: Technical Aspects Poor Okay Great
robust/bulletproof O O O
sophistication O O O
code O O O

Demonstration Poor Okay Great
group present O O O
group members all understand project O O O
gave a good feel of system O O O

Overall impression Poor Okay Great
of final design O O O
of design evolution O O O
of portfolio O O O
of heuristic evaluation O O O
of demonstration O O O
of implementation O O O
of complete project O O O

Grade: A+ ... A ... A- ... B+ ... B ... B- ... C+ ... C .... C- ... D+ ... D ... D- ... F+ ... F ... F-

'''Note : A is superior ; B is better than expected; C is adequate; D is poor; F is unacceptable Students are invited to see the T.A. for further comments on their report.'''