Appendix 3. Design Ideas for Design Situations

This page lists a few possible system situations that you may want to use for starting your design project. Of course, many other projects are possible. You may suggest your own project, but get permission of the T.A. and/or instructor just to make sure you are on the right track. You may also suggest projects that complement work done in other courses, with permission of both instructors.

Important: Ideal projects are ones that you personally find interesting. These projects will have users you can talk to, requires some transaction processing, and will require a modest level of design sophistication. Ideal projects will also deal with fairly simple situations---avoid complex domains (that rules out air-traffic control systems :-) ). Ideal projects will also be something you can relate to. Look at things that you and your friends do (e.g., in part-times jobs), or that family members do (e.g., as part of their work). Also, consider non-work fields: recreation; systems for kids; education.

Be creative!

Some ideas.

Your company is about to design, build, and market a new software system based upon one of the following ideas: