Assignment: Usability Studies



This assignment is a hands-on exercise on qualitative evaluation. Its immediate purpose is to give you experience conducting a usability study. Methods used in this study include conceptual model discovery, strict observation, think-aloud, constructive interaction, questionnaires, and interviews. Because of the economy of these methods, you are expected to be able to apply them in your actual work practices.

Your group will assume it is working for a company that is developing the system. You will use each other as subjects, applying the various methodologies. The actual system and expected tasks that people will do with can be found in System and example tasks for the usability study


Your group will deliver a substantial technical report written to the (imaginary) vice-president of the company that commissioned the study. It must include your observations, the findings, the major problems detected, and some design recommendations. Your report will briefly contrast the methods used, recommending which ones should be adapted in future study.