SIGCHI Award Nominations

Nominations for awards to be presented at CHI 2014 are due by November 22, 2013. Nominations should include a brief summary (maximum one page, preferably a PDF) of how the nominee meets the criteria for the award. Optional material includes

For more details about the awards, see the SIGCHI Awards page at

Nominations and queries should be sent as follows

About the Awards Committees and the Decision Process

Two Awards Committees are appointed by the SIGCHI Executive Committee.

The SIGCHI Achievement Awards committee, chaired by Saul Greenberg (CHI Academy Member) for 2014 selects the recipients of the SIGCHI Lifetime Achievement Award and elects individuals to the CHI Academy. Possible recipients are considered from this year's nominees as well as from previous years, and from other recommendations.

The SIGCHI Service Award committee, chaired by Loren Terveen (SIGCHI Adjunct Chair for Awards), selects the recipients of the SIGCHI Distinguished Service Award and SIGCHI Social Impact Award. The committees gather nominations for the awards and decide who will receive them.

Both Awards Committees seek input from many sources in reaching their decisions, including nominations from the SIGCHI community. To prevent conflicts of interest, neither current members of the awards committees nor elected officers of SIGCHI are eligible for awards.