Dear Associate Chair;

A few small things.

1. Thanks again...this was the largest CHI, and you all did a tremendous job. What a community!

2. We have asked authors to submit final papers to PCS by January 7th. In some cases, you have insisted on particular changes in your meta-reviewer. To make your job easier, we have included the instructions below as part of the final submission, where we have told authors they must fill in the box ONLY IF the Associate Chair had insisted on changes (see the text below). You will be able to see this information when you bring up the papers you are handling. If all looks fine, you don't have to do anything. If there are problems, contact Saul and Scott at .

Summary of Changes CHI papers are conditionally accepted. Normally, it is up to you to judge how you want to improve the paper based on reviewer comments. However, the Associate Chair may also insist that certain changes being made - this should have been clearly stated in the meta-review. * If this is the case, please summarize how you met those changes here, * so the AC can look for them.

Thanks again for all your hard work!!!

Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson