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Dear CHI Author;
As mentioned in our previous emails, your paper has been conditionally
accepted. You will be providing a final submission of your paper to
both the PCS system and to the publishers web site (see previous

The version you submit to the PCS system will be looked at by the
Associate Chair in charge of your paper. If you do not hear back from
them, then all should be well.

When you submit your final paper to PCS (Deadline January 7), you will
see a field as follows. You are required to fill this in ONLY IF your
Associate Chair had insisted on changes (see the text below):

'''Summary of Changes'''
CHI papers are conditionally accepted. Normally, it is up to you to
judge how you want to improve the paper based on reviewer comments.
However, the Associate Chair may also insist that certain changes
being made - this should have been clearly stated in the meta-
review. If this is the case, please summarize how you met those
changes here, so the AC can look for them.
* [Text area to insert your changes]

Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson