AC Last Duty

ACM CHI: Last (?) AC Duty From Jan 8 - 11th

Hello all We are approaching the moment of your (hopefully last) duty as Associate Chair. As mentioned at the PC Meeting, papers are conditionally accepted.

Final papers will be on the system by the end of Jan 7. From Jan 8 - 11th you should check papers as needed to see if they are to your satisfaction, and inform us (the papers chair) if there are serious problems. See details below.

We have instructed authors to submit their final copy to PCS by January 7th for you to check. Included with their submission is a field that you should be able to see where they can opt to list a summary of the changes made to the paper - this should speed things up for you.

In most cases, your meta-review may have asked the authors to address referee comments, but you have left it up to them to figure out how best to do so. For these papers, we leave it up to you to decide whether to just look at their change summary, or to take a quick look at the paper, or just trust the authors to do what is right.

However, there are likely a few of your papers where you have insisted on some changes. In those cases, you should look at the change summary paper and see if the authors have, in fact, paid attention to your recommendation. You can do this by logging onto PCS. We have given the authors a deadline.

The only real option at this point is to refuse publication of the paper, as the deadline for the author's final submission to the publisher is January 12th.

If the paper is acceptable to you, you should be able to click a checkbox (to be made visible on the form) to indicate that all is ok.

However, the more important thing for you to do is to email us directly: if you believe the paper should NOT be published because the authors have not met the conditions set out in your meta-review (include reasons why). This will put things into our court, and we will take care of things from that point on.

In practice, rejecting conditionally accepted papers is a rare event, and we hope that none will be in this situation this year.

Thanks again for all your hard work!!!

Saul and Scott