AC Meta Reviewer Nag Notice

Sent Nov 9

Subject: ACM CHI: Hard deadline for AC meta-reviews today (Sunday) N

Dear ACs

Almost all ACs have all their meta-reviews in. Thanks!

However, there are still a few ACs who have not entered them, or who are missing a few meta-reviews. A few of you have already told us not to panic, as you plan on completing this task tonight, but we have not heard from everyone. If you are one of those ACs with missing meta-reviews, please get them in today. (SCs, you should probably check and talk to those ACs).

We open the reviews and meta-reviews to authors tomorrow (Monday) morning no matter what. Based on that, authors have several days to write their rebuttals. If they do not have a meta-review, they will be in a poor position to respond; this is unfair to them. It will also introduce problems trying to deal with these selected cases.

Thanks again!

Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson,

ACM CHI Papers Chairs