A Cs Can Now See Papers

Hello ACs.

You can now see all papers, scores, reviews, etc (but not who reviewed them). PLEASE KEEP ALL THIS CONFIDENTIAL. This includes revealing information about your own submissions to co-authors. Remember that the score/reviews etc are still tentative, and will not be finalized until after the meeting.

This view will be used by yourself at the PC meeting to help follow your sub-committee progress.

1. Log onto PCS

2. Click Review for CHI 2009 Papers & Notes (as PC member)

3. In the Actions at the top of the page, select "See an anonymized view of all submissions."

4. From the drop down menu at the top left, select your subcommittee (it should look like PC:<subcommittee name)

5. You should now see all your subcommittee submissions sorted by Score, and then by Standard Deviation for each matching score. It does not show all columns (e.g., best paper nomination is missing) - these will be viewed at the actual PC meeting on the sub-committee chair's view..

6. if you click on the submission it will show you the actual paper summary (Title, authors etc), reviews and discussions without reviewer names listed.

The resulting view shows all papers sorted by Scores and then by Standard Deviation.

Additional note.

If an 2nd AC has changed the score of a paper to drop it below the overall 2.7 threshold, it will still be discussed. While we expect most of these to be dealt with very quickly (e.g., if both 1st and 2nd agree on the rejection they just have to state the decision) we want to make sure that larger disagreements are not overlooked. To ensure that this happens, if one of your papers that you are handling as first AC that was originally in the discuss category moves to the auto reject category (i.e., score <= 2.7) flag it for discussion either within PCS or during the meeting.

See you soon!

Saul and Scott