Sorry to be nagging about this, but we still have about 50 papers which apparently have not been marked as ready to go to authors and you are each listed in the PCS system as the AC responsible for one or more of them. We really need to get the reviews to authors as soon as possible, but we can't do that until we know that the reviews are finalized. So please have a look at all the papers you are AC on, finalize the meta-reviews, and make certain that the "Ready to go to authors" box is checked.

Thanks, Scott and Saul

Repeat of previous message...

Folks: Per the discussion at the end of the PC meeting, last night was the hard deadline for finalizing your meta-reviews. We were intending to push the button this morning to send reviews to authors. However, it appears that over 150 papers have not been marked as "Ready to go to authors". Consequently, we cannot do this.

If you have already finalized the meta-reviews and marked them as such on all your 1AC papers, thank you. However, if you haven't please do this NOW.

We need to get these reviews to authors very soon as a number of people are likely going to start departing for the holidays and it will be very hard for them to do any serious revisions if they don't see the reviews until their return.

Note: There are now two check boxes in the review form: "Ready to go to Authors" and "Final Acceptance". The second of these is for later, to approve revised copies of the paper for final publication. At this point you should be checking only the "Ready to go to Authors" box.

Thanks, Scott and Saul

-- Prof. Scott Hudson HCI Institute, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University