Action Items Sept 28

Dear SCs:

Thanks for your efforts so far. We know its been pretty frantic getting assignments made -- this is a lot of work in a short time. Hopefully things should calm down substantially after this.

(ACTION ITEM) Please be sure to go ahead and register all the ACs that are going to be part of your subcommittee in the system now (I am still trying to correlate lists to figure out who we are missing, but we are missing at least some). We will be sending notifications to ACs from inside the system and if we have people not entered they are going to be missing critical information. At present I'm holding off on sending anything to ACs until I can verify that we have all ACs in the system.

(ACTION ITEM) Also please go ahead and enter all assignments of papers to ACs that you have decided on into the system. Without that we can't accurately track the status of assignments globally. At present the system lists over 500 papers as not assigned. I know many of those have been decided on, just not entered, but I can't tell how many. In any case, all these assignments need to be in place Monday morning (Eastern Time) when we throw the switch to release papers to the ACs.

Several folks have asked about how to see various things inside the PCS system. As we have alluded to a few times we are shoe-horning parts of this new structure so some things we would like to see are not there. But some views that may help:

From the Admin home you can go to "Unassigned Paper Pool". That will show you the papers which have not yet been assigned ACs. If you apply your subcommittee view filter to that (pull-down near the top left) you can check to see if anything in your subcommittee is left unassigned.

To look at all your submissions, assigned or not, use the "Submissions" link, again with the view filter for your subcommittee. Unfortunately, it looks like at present (probably until we "throw the switch" Monday) review assignments don't seem to show up there (but they do show up in the view below).

Finally, you can look at ACs and the papers assigned to them via the "Committee" link. Unfortunately, there is no way to sort or filter that by subcommittee (the system doesn't know ACs have subcommittees), so you have to pick through the list to find yours. (Papers you have declared a conflict on simply don't show up on that list when it's shown to you.)

Also, in some places the system lists reviews assigned "by you" vs. "other tracks". The "by you" number includes assignments that might have been made by another SC due to a conflict. The "other tracks" number refers to things outside papers entirely (like posters or workshops).

As always, let us know about questions and issues.

Thanks much, Scott and Saul