Bow Valley Winds Blowout

Action item: We have to decide if we are going to do brats/beer. Once this is decided, we can book tables, grills, chairs etc. (through Deni Gibson 678 4198) and start considering other aspects of this.

Action item: I believe we now have a 'go'. We need to:

a brat and drink)

Recently Done: 2. Tents.

Previously Done and sent in email:


335 ) to see if the stage is available on that date. Status:

walkthrough with him before this event.

week (until after the next exec meeting) to verify that we are going and this date is ok

Action items:

Exec: decide on the date / and that it's a go Saul: once this is decided, saul will CONFIRM with Mike that it's a go. When I talk to him, we need to refer to Rental 1964