This page is for the organizers, Saul and Mary Beth





Action Items - Urgent

  1. Grant Proposals: MB for Ephraim, SG for Booth and PIMS
  2. Recruit 4 reserve people on panel to serve as reviewers depending on submissions/parallel tracks.
    • Ron Wakary will act as reserve person IF his workshop submission is not accepted
    • We need at least one from the UK and elsewhere (male/female/international, etc.).
    • Breadth, e.g.,
      • Computer science - such as [Alan Dix, Scott Klemmer, Keith Edwards, James Landay]
      • Design - such as [Rob Woodbury, Jody Forlizzi, John Zimmerman ]
      • Empirical studies - such as [Scott McCrickard, Bob Kraut, Rob DeLine]
      • Social science / field work - such as [Bonnie Nardi, Abi Sellen]

Action Items - can do now

  1. (MB) Put Steve Brewster in touch with Gilbert to chase down 2K pounds funding
  2. (MB and SG) go through submission process and tweak as needed
    • Status: Need to check PCS to see how it works from a participant's and reviewers viewpoint.

Action Items - soon

  1. (MB/SG) We need to talk to CHI if we go above 15 people to see if funding is there.
  2. (MB) Carol Cliver is our fund raiser, MB to bring her into the loop
  3. (SG) PIMS submission for funding (due November) - they said to submit 5K
  4. (SG) GRAND submission for funding (anytime) - Kelly said to go ahead, 5K

Funding Status

Action Items - Done

  1. (MB and SG) decide on committee members.
  2. (MB) Resolve where to put template (with Bo) once web site is up
  3. (SG) Check 2011 web site once web site is up
    • Checked, and corrections sent to webmaster
  4. (MB and SG) Compose draft letter inviting panelist plus dates and duties
  5. Primary panelists invited, but one left to go.
  6. [SG] Funding for all or even just CDN PhD students in Canada? E.g., NSERC, MITACS...
    • Status: I have put in a request to PIMS, and am forming one to MITACS. I have talked to Kelly Booth re: grand, and there could be a 5K possibility there. See email of KellysEmail. See also Funding Request Letter - Draft