CHI Review Rebuttals

ACM CHI - Rebuttals are available for viewing. Set Nov 22, 2008

Dear CHI Reviewer;

Authors were given the option of posting their rebuttals to reviewer comments. Thus some of the papers your reviewed may have rebuttals that you can now view by logging onto PCS

We have instructed Associate Chairs to get in touch with you if they need your specific reactions to the rebuttals. However, feel free to read these rebuttals and alter your review and score accordingly. If you do, it is important that you notify your AC about this - you can do this by selecting the "Send email to your coordinator" link on the review list. If you don't do this, they may miss your update. We suggest summarizing your changes (e.g., score changes, etc.) As well, you can start a discussion between yourself, the ACs and the other reviewers if you wish by selecting the "Add a message to the discussion" option on the review page.

Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson