Cache Creek

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  • Where: Cache Creek, B.C.
  • Mountain Biking

Opinion. While I don't have any maps and photos, I include this description just to let others know that some mountain biking is to be had at Cache Creek. I wouldn't make this a destination, but its good to do on the way through (although I don't really know the extent of the trails, so perhaps it could be a good desi=tination). The ride is up high, where it goes through forest and meadows (which were full of flowers when we were there).

Neil at Cache Creek Cycle Parts in Cache Creek loves to share info about the area (250-457-6610), They are developing several areas above town high up.

Fact. Here are directions to one area. The trip is short, only an hour, but at least it will give you something to do if you want to cycle around the area while driving through.

  • From Cache Creek, go South on the Trans Canada several kilometers until the 4 way intersection at the top of the hill. Turn right. You will be heading toward the dump.
  • Drive on the main road, through the dump, and keep following that main road up and up. You will pass a cattle guard, and immediately on the other side there is a small clearing on the right, where it looks like there are some trails. But keep on going several more kilometers.
  • At 1142 meters elevation (~4000 feet), there is a small clearing on the right leading to a dirt road. Park there.
  • Cycle up road 1.5 km (to 1252 meters), where you will see a large meadow on your left, and a good single track trail on your right.
  • Cycle the trail. Follow the most prominent route past a few 'false' leads, where you will be cycling through forest and really nice meadows/pastures.
  • At some point, you will get to a meadow with a pond in it. Don't follow the trail that goes left (down, with deadfall on it). Instead, veer to the right side of the pond up through the meadows. The trail then gets more visible, until it hits a dirt road.
  • Follow the dirt road (go right at any junctions) which will lead you back to the parking spot.
  • Option: partway down the dirt road you will see a trail that goes to a fence line. I followed this for a bit, but not sure where it went. But it looks good!