The Canmore Cloverleaf: Combined Highline, EKG, G-8, Montane Traverse

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photo: Saul Greenberg

Opinion. There are four classic mountain biking trips around Canmore: Highline loop, EKG / Orange Spot loop, G-8 loop, and the Montane Traverse to Harvey Heights Loop. All are individually very popular (each can be done in 1 - 3 hours), and are great outings in their own right. The Canmore Cloverleaf is the combination of all of these loops: 4 classics in a single day! There are surprisingly few sections on roads, especially if you take the town bike paths to get from one loop to the other. With the exception of these town bike paths, the way is almost all cross-country single track at a medium to high intermediate level. All loops can be done with variations, so you can customize your ride in any way you want - make it longer, shorter, tougher, easier. And its called the cloverleaf because each loop roughly (ok, really roughly) is a 'leaf' in a 4-leaf clover, with Canmore at its center. Are you feeling lucky?

Fact. Each loop is a popular route. However, most loops intersect with other trails (lots of junctions), so you may want to inquire at a bike shop for a more detailed local's map. Each loop forms a rough 'leaf' of a 4 leaf clover, with Canmore in the middle. Waypoints are numbered in order that I did the various paths, but other permutations are possible. A somewhat more zoomed in map is included in each loop.

If you aren't tired after doing the above, then you are very fit.