Change Of Schedule

ACs and SCs: Important Change of Schedule.

Dear CHI ACs and SCs;

We have been monitoring the number of outstanding reviews. Most papers have at least three reviews (good work!) but there are still a number of papers (about 10%) with only 2 reviews, and a small handful with just one. While we expect more reviews to turn up by next Tuesday (the currently scheduled beginning of the rebuttal period), we want to make sure that ALL papers have at least three reviews.

Consequently, we adjusted the schedule as follows. This will give you some breathing room now, but that it compresses your 2nd AC duties. These new dates try to leave sufficient time for you to pursue those delinquent reviews (and for ACM CSCW attendees to do their rebuttals).

For SCs: we will be sending you instructions shortly on how to assign 2nd ACs.

Sun Nov 9: (was originally Nov 3)

  • Critical and Hard deadline for all reviews 3 reviews plus meta-review required (including meta-, replacement, and additional reviews)

Mon Nov 10: (was originally Nov 4)

  • Reviews and meta-reviews released to authors for rebuttal
  • Initiate reviewer discussion as needed
  • Preliminary "discuss" status determined (based on score cut offs and AC input; criteria to be supplied shortly)

Tue Nov 11 (was originally Nov 5)

  • SCs assign "discuss" papers to 2ACs for review
  • 2nd ACs begin reviewing assignments and writing a 2nd Meta-Review (possibly deferring ones on the border until final confirmation on Nov 17)

Sun Nov 16 (was originally Nov 10)

  • Author rebuttals due

Mon Nov 17 (was originally Nov 11)

  • Initiate / continue reviewer discussion as needed based on rebuttals
  • Review rebuttals, possibly move papers to "discuss"
  • SCs finalize 2nd AC assignments
  • 2nd ACs continue reviewing assignments and writing a 2nd Meta-Review (instructions to follow)

Wed Nov 26: 2AC reviews due (as before)

Mon Dec 1: Updated meta-reviews and final "discuss" status due

Thu Dec 4 - Fri Dec 5: PC meeting in Boston (arrive evening Dec 3)

Sincerely, Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson, ACM CHI Papers Co-chairs.