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Subject: CHI 2009 next steps for sub-committee chairs (2 action items) Thanks so much again for (tentatively) volunteering to head up a subcommittee for CHI. Sorry to be slow in getting back to you on all this (things have been crazy on a number of fronts simultaneously).


At the end of this note is the detailed schedule that we are intending to follow. The most critical dates for you are:

  • September 19: Papers due on
  • December 3, evening - December 5 (all day): Committee meeting (tentatively in Boston).

As an immediate step, please look over the schedule and verify that you don’t have some sort of a conflict that will cause a big problem with one of the milestones.

[ACTION ITEM #1] We'd appreciate it if you could respond back verifying that you are still willing to serve, and letting us know about conflicts you can see in the schedule.

Recruiting ACs

Assuming that all is well, the next step for you is to start to recruit ACs. Here are the main criteria you should use.

  1. Quality of ACs is of course going to be very critical to our success, so highest quality is our first criteria.
  2. Our second criteria is coverage over your area (current description of all the subcommittees is here: just to remind you of what’s in your purview).
  3. Our third criteria is diversity: strive for balance in gender, geography, and other criteria so our subcommittees can reflect the diversity of our community.

As mentioned at CHI, we would like you to recruit 5 or 6 “definite” ACs as well as perhaps 8 or 9 “reserve” ACs. You will see in the schedule that immediately after papers come in, there is time for you to quickly call up some or all of your reserves to try to match the volume and actual content of the papers you really get. Our nominal target is 1 AC per 10 papers which we expect to average out to around 10 ACs per subcommittee. However, it is entirely possible that some committees may get substantially more (or less) papers. Our suggestion is to pin down more senior people for your definite ACs and tend towards more junior (or newer) folks for the reserves.

A template invitation letter will be sent to you shortly. While you can, of course, personalize it, we ask you to keep the body intact for consistency.

[ACTION ITEM #2] Start recruiting ACs:

  • 5 or 6 “definite” ACs and
  • 8 or 9 “reserves” who may be called up once you know the actual distribution of papers.

Let us know about definite ACs once they sign on -- we'll be listing those on the web site to give the authors as much information as we can in selecting their subcommittees.

Other considerations of being a Subcommittee Chair

The considerations below are also applicable to ACs.

  1. ACM provides hotel room and most meals for the PC meeting.
  2. Travel funding is available only in exceptional circumstances. Like most CHI PC meetings, the conference cannot afford to pay for your travel costs. We are hoping that you have access to a budget that will let you cover it out of other funds. If not, contact us as soon as possible.
  3. Each Subcommittee Chair will be able to nominate a student as a student volunteer for the conference.

If you have any questions or suggestions, as always please let us know, and thanks again for your help.

Scott and Saul

Detailed schedule of events for the review process

Date Who What
Sept 19 (Friday) Authors Papers due
Sept 20 (Saturday) Subchairs Call up AC reserves to form full subcommittee
Sept 20-23 -- Ubicomp, Seoul South Korea)
Sept 29 (Monday) Subchairs Assign papers to ACs
Sept 30 (Tuesday) Subchairs ACs Assign papers to reviewers and negotiate swaps
Oct 19-22 -- ACM UIST
Oct 29 (Wednesday) Reviewers Review deadline
Nov 3 (Monday) Reviewers Hard deadline for reviews
ACs Hard deadline for meta-reviews
Nov 4 (Tuesday) Chairs Reviews and meta-reviews released to authors for rebuttal
Subchairs Assign 2ACs for "discuss" papers
Nov 9-12 -- ACM CSCW
Nov 10 (Monday) Authors Rebuttals Due
Nov 11 (Tuesday) ACs & Reviewers Open reviewer discussions as needed
Nov 26 (Monday) ACs / 2AC reviews due
Nov 27-29 -- Thanksgiving
Dec 1 (Monday) ACs Final meta-reviews and recommendation due
Dec 3 (evening) to Dec 5 (late afternoon) All Committee PC meeting in Boston

Full list of tentative subcommittee chairs:

Subcommittee Chair Email
Improving Usability Robin Jeffries
Specific Application Areas Wendy Mackay
Interaction Beyond the Individual Wendy Kellogg
Design Jodi Forlizzi
Interaction Using Specific Capabilities or Modalities Chris Schmandt
Behavioral Study and Theory Pete Pirolli
Technology, Systems, Tools, and Infrastructure Tom Rodden
Interaction Techniques and Devices Patrick Baudisch
Interaction in New Contexts Gregory Abowd