Near-final marching orders to sub-committee chairs

Hello all.

Well, we are in the home stretch. Here are some of your duties over the next few weeks.

  1. URGENT: Assign 2nd ACs. 2nd ACs may have around 7 papers to read - they need to have their assignments now so they can begin reading. Remember that all papers > 2.7, or divergent papers and those flagged for discussion all need a 2nd AC. This includes auto-accept papers, as there may be discussions about best paper awards.
  2. Notify your ACs about their 2nd AC assignments. As soon as the above is done, tell your ACs that they should go online and check their 2nd AC assignments
  3. Ask your ACs / 2nd ACs about changes. Because of rebuttals, you should ask your ACs to keep you informed about any changes in status, e.g., elevating papers to discuss categories, score changes, etc.
  4. Track 2nd AC scores. Your 2nd ACs need to have their revised scores into PCS by Sunday,November 30. We need to print out spreadsheets to bring to the meeting.
  5. Monitor nominations for Best Papers. You will receive more instructions on this later. However, best papers nominations are typically chosen from those in the auto-accept category. Remind your ACs and 2nd ACs to flag papers they consider to be good candidates.
  6. Read the Instructions to ACs and 2nd ACs that we just sent out. This will help you understand what they are doing. In particular, look at:
  7. Bring a dongle to the meeting in case we have to move files around (e.g., for printing).

What we will be sending you over the next few weeks

  1. An agenda for the meeting and details about the meeting process
  2. Instructions for how to generate a spreadsheet suitable for the meeting.
  3. Further instructions concerning best paper nominations