Kellys Email

From Kelly

The GRAND NCE could potentially provide funds, but only for Canadian students and perhaps only those associated with GRAND, although I think we could provide to non-GRAND students.

It would be best if we paid just travel costs, but that is always seen a legitimate expense (compared, for example, to a reception). What do you think would be a typical level of support? Airfare varies, but averages about $750 (up to $1200 for Atlantic Canada), so $1500 CDN per student would cover airfare, taxi to/from airports, and maybe two nights of hotel. I would think we could fund maybe three of these (so $5K in round numbers). You would not have more than three CDN students in the consortium, right (and maybe not even that many)?

MITACS might be another source of this type of funding.


P.S. The current plan is to have GRAND 2011 start right after CHI 2011 (so around 7PM on Thursday, May 12) with a demo/reception to which we would invite around 300 or so non-GRAND participants who are attending CHI. We had an initial meeting with the Vancouver convention centre yesterday and it looks like we can get the space. I might come after you and some others in case we need any favors from CHI 2011 to make things work (I doubt we will need much).

One possibility is that some percentage of the invites will be available via an open drawing for all CHI attendees. We cannot afford to host everyone (I am assuming CHI will be 2000+ attendees -- do you know the target?).