Martha's Helitours: Landslide Lake to Highway 11.

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photo: Saul Greenberg
  • Canadian Rockies, David Thompson Highway East of Saskatchewan Crossing
  • Overview Map, Trail Map and GPS data.
  • Hike
  • ~12 km.
  • Arrange the trip with Martha's Helitours. Drive to the Icefields Helicoptor Tours Helipad on Highway 11, ~40km E. of Saskatchewan Crossing on the Icefields Parkway.

Opinion. I had the good fortune to accompany Martha, a heli-hiking guide, on this trip. It is a fantastic day out that reveals a large variety of terrain: sub-alpine lake, alpine meadows, alpine scree slopes, ridge views, mountain passes, avalanche slopes, aspen forests, and so on. The surrounding views are spectacular. Recommended for people with good hiking experience, as the route is varies through cross-country terrain and steeply descending trails.

Fact-Flight: ~20km. From the Idefields Helicoptor Tours Helipad on Highway 11 (elevation 1341 meters), Martha arranges to fly you in about 19 km and 700 meters up to Landslide Lake (2000 meters). The flight is shown in green on the attached map.

Fact-Hike: ~11.4 km. The hike starts in the sub-alpine, quickly ascending (without a trail) through wonderful meadows to the Alpine and great views of the valley and surrounding peaks. The trail then traverses under a peak, gaining a rough trail that goes through a moonscape. A side trip to a ridge reveals splendid views into another valley. Following the ridge and then contouring on the trail the first pass and highpoint is reached (2540 meters). A quick traverse across a plateau brings you to the 2nd pass. The way now descends straight down perfect shale slopes (no trail), and then down a sandy hillside until one regains a trail around treeline (2080 meters). The trail descends steeply through trees and brush, until it meets a hogsback right of a creek, which is descended to the valley floor and the trailhead (1372 meters). The descent is about 1100 meters straight down: challenging but fun! The trail is shown in red on the attached map.