Modified Conflicts Instructions

Modified instructions for 2AC selection process (IMPORTANT)

Send Nov. 7, 2008

Folks: It's been pointed out to us that there is a bug in the procedure that we set up for the next step which ends up breaking your anonymity for papers that are a conflict for your SC. We sincerely apologize about this.

Please do a few things slightly differently:

1) Hold off for right now from sending information about 2AC suggestions, etc. to your SCs

2) Your SCs will be sending you a list of papers that they are conflicted with.

3) Once you get that list proceed with the original plan (send your SCs two suggested 2ACs for each paper that is to be discussed), but leave out the information for any conflict papers. Scott and Saul will take care of getting 2ACs assigned to those conflicting papers.

Finally, something we missed in the prior directions: for papers that are outside the discuss range of scores but you feel should be discussed, please be sure to check the "Discuss this submission" box which appears at the very end of the review form. Also, if for some reason a paper should move from non-discuss to discuss status later in the process (e.g., because a score was changed), please send your SC an explicit note about this as soon as it happens (if they are not conflicted; otherwise let us one of us know about it).

Updated instructions for all the current tasks can be found at:

Again, sorry for this slip up.

Scott Hudson and Saul Greenberg (CHI 2009 papers co-chairs)