Modified Instructions A Cs

Sent Nov 7 2008

Subject: Modified instructions for 2AC selection process (IMP

Folks: It's been pointed out to us that there is a bug in the procedure that we set up for the next step which ends up breaking your AC's anonymity for papers that you are a conflicted with. We sincerely apologize about this. We are going to need to make a small change to the process to fix this.

As soon as possible, we need you to make a list of all the papers in your subcommittee that you are conflicted with (this is the same list that at the beginning you passed to another SC to handle) and send that list to all your ACs. Your ACs will then omit information that they would have sent you about conflicted papers. We will take care of getting 2AC assignments done for those papers. Once you have made 2AC assignments, please send us a message with both your conflict list and the number of papers which you assigned to each person on your subcommittee. We will then make 2AC assignments for the conflicted papers.

Again, sorry for this slip up on this.

Scott and Saul