Mount Seven - Summit and 5km Trails

photo: Saul Greenberg

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  • Golden, B.C.
  • Map and GPS data.
  • Mountain bike trip appropriate for cross-country riders
  • 23 kms total return (~1/2 on logging roads), ~3-4 hours
  • Elevation gain ~1150 meters. Gaines elevation on good logging road, then combines the mostly single track Summit and 5km trail and a bit of the loggin road for the downhill portion.
  • Trailhead: From Golden, BC take Highway 95 towards Radium. A kilometer or two after leaving town, you will see a lake and road on your left. Park in the large parking lot just after you turn in.

Opinion. While Mount 7 has a reputation as a free-ride hill, this combination of downhill trails makes for a truly excellent and exhilarating bike trip for cross-country riders. While the uphill is a slog, its all ridable and goes by quickly. A good workout all around. The Summit trail is rated as moderate. The 5km is rated as difficult, but its really not that much harder: there are easy-to-spot bypasses around the more challenging bits.

Fact. Bike up logging road all the way to the summit. While there is a huge elevation gain, the grade and road surface is perfect for biking. Alternately, do a car shuttle: the road is good for any car. The downhill riding begins at the summit, or at the bathrooms a few hundred meters below the summit. Look for the signs for the Summit Trail. Either way, you will bike past a derelict log building a minute or so after starting. The Summit trail is single track, except for a short double track near its end, where it rejoins the logging road at the B12 trailhead. Ride the logging road down until the 5km trailhead. Take the single track 5km trail until it returns to the parking lot. There are signs at most junctions, so staying on the trail should be straight forward.