Paperdiscussionand Priorities

Sent Nov 4, 2008

ACM CHI: Paper discussion and Priorities

Hello SCs and ACs

A brief note.


Several ACs have asked if they could begin discussing papers. The answer is yes - you can do this at any time. Of course, you may want to extend the discussion if additional reviews come in, and after the rebuttals (next week) if you feel it is warranted..


  • ensure that you have at least three good reviews plus your preliminary meta-review on-line to deliver to paper authors. Authors will see this information by next Monday. November 10. Anything less than that will be problematic and will likely lead to complaints by authors and us having to deal with things as special cases - something we really want to avoid.

SC Priorities

  • please monitor where your ACs are in terms of their reviews/meta-reviews on line. If it looks like there will be issues, please discuss that with ACs.
  • please look at the scores ACs assign, and check for cases where they appear outside the range of reviewer scores - these should be considered unusual cases, and you may want to look at this/discuss it with them ahead of time.
  • we will be sending you instructions shortly on how to handle 2nd ACs, plus review criteria so you can begin this part of the assignment.

Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson