Plausible Deniability

Plausible Deniability, White Lies and Wiggle Room: Designing non-fascist, non-precise and non-accountable software systems


  • Bonnie Nardi and Instant Messaging
  • Talk on spelling errors by executives
  • The Coordinator as a fascist system
  • Credit card / shopping cards...
  • Spam filters in email
  • Dating sites
  • Management info systems (annonymous entry of ideas)
  • Mail and read notifications...
  • Awareness vs privacy (e.g., rhythms, media spaces, Timelines, tracking...)
  • Calendar systems (Lesia)
  • ephemeral vs recording...
  • Grudins Who does the work vs who gets the benefit. Groupware failures paper


  • Error bars...
  • Probability and visualization...