RFID Pick And Drop

RFID Pick and Drop.

Create wireless hardware device that acts as a pick and drop for RFID Tag information. The device would have a (very small) display so it can act as a previewer of that information. If one passes it over a tag, it reads the item. The preview appears. If one brings it to another display, you see it in full fidelity. Could also use a cell phone / PDA with this using a bar code.

Similar ideas:

  • http://www.ht.sfc.keio.ac.jp/uPlatea/projects.html
    • technically, its a simple device that connects wirelessly to a server (bluetooth/802.11 not sure). The device has an rfid tag reader and a simple switch that is activated when you press it onto an object like a stamp.
    • conceptually, they argue that in the very near future rfid tags will be cheap enough to have them embedded in everythihng. when you buy an atlas, for example, each page will have a grid of tags embedded into the paper (they currently tape them to the backside for prototyping). Same goes for a calender.
    • now, given some computing appliance... PC / tv appliance, whatever.. if a user picks up the stamp, and hits it on say, Calgary in the atlas, the appliance will bring up options about Calgary. They can a) contact their friend Jim from the university there, b) make travel arrangements, c) look at their personal photo collection from when they visited calgary, etc. The same goes for the calender. In addition to the physical writing / symbols / etc on their calendar, they can access digital information by stamping it. For example, i can stamp this upcomming monday to see my digital calendar for that day, which may be my work calendar, friends' calendars, etc.
    • the output from the system, both in the prototype and conceptually, is always on an appliance separate from the item that can be stamped. For me this was a backwards idea, as a stamp should GIVE something, read a mark.. but this stamp READs something
  • We used a tablet for this purpose in nune's paper
  • Mark Smiths (MSR) Barcode reader does something like this (I think), but it doesn't drop it.