Sent Oct 31

To ACM CHI Paper Authors: Change of dates for the rebuttal period to Monday Nov 10 Sunday Nov 16

Dear CHI Authors;

As part of the CHI Review Process, you will shortly have the opportunity to view your paper reviews and score, and then provide a rebuttal about those reviews should you decide to do so.

Originally, this rebuttal period was scheduled for Nov 4-10. However, due to some late reviews (we really want all papers to have at least three reviews) we are changing the rebuttal period for the dates of:

We know the ACM CSCW Conference is during this time, but these dates only partially overlap it.

We will be sending out instructions pertaining to the rebuttal a few days before November 10.

Sincerely, Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson,
ACM CHI Papers Co-chairs.