ACM CHI: Agenda and Process Description for PC Meeting

Sent Nov 28
Subject: ACM CHI: Agenda and Process Description for PC Meeting

Hello sub-committee chairs.

We now have the final details for you, attached as two PDF files, or via a web link. Please print these out, read them, and take them with you to the meeting. (If you print out from the web vs the attached PDF, you will get a nicer copy if you click the print tab and then select print)

The ACM CHI PC Meeting Agenda

The ACM CHI PC Meeting Process Description

Please review these well before next week. We are trying to ensure a consistent review deliberation process across the committees, so we strongly prefer you to know and follow a common process rather than inventing your own.

We will be sending these documents to the ACs as well.

What you should do now.

  • Go to your sub-committee view in PCS
  • Sort by scores (click on the Score label in the Score column)
  • Auto reject papers: (Score <= 2.7, Stand. Dev. <=1.0, not marked for discussion), put an R in the Decision column box. This marks it as a rejected paper.
  • Auto accept papers: (Score >= 4.3) Put an A in the Decision column box. This marks it as an accepted paper.
  • If things change: You will have the opportunity to change the above settings for a paper if the score is altered and / or if an AC says they want to move it to the discuss level during the meeting. We suggest you review these on Monday to make sure the current scores reflect the A/R ratings.
  • Please try to get this done soon, as it will help us prepare the final spreadsheets for the meeting.

What is left to come:

  • We will prepare spreadsheets for you that summarizes papers and scores. These will reflect the PCS system status. We will likely send you a template later that shows what these spreadsheets look like.
  • We will prepare a view for you in PCS appropriate for managing the process. We will send you links to these when they are up.

If you have any questions about these documents, let us know immediately.
Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson