Hi all SCs (This note was sent immediately after the submission process closed).

Here are some hints to help your process over the next few days go better. Remember that we want the AC assignments sorted out by next week Monday (~8 days), so stay on top of this. This is perhaps the most critical time in the review process.

How many papers per AC?

We now recommend that each AC should be responsible for 12 – 13 papers, perhaps up to 14. While this may seem like quite a bit, recall that this is a mix of notes and papers. If you distribute notes and papers more or less evenly to ACs, they should not find this too much of a burden. This also reduces the number of people at the meeting by a bit (minimizing coordination), saves dollars for CHI, and alleviates boredom for ACs who don’t have that many discuss papers to manage.

Call up more ACs if you have to

While we were fairly close in our anticipation of the number of submissions per group, some groups did receive more papers than anticipated. This means that some groups will need more ACs, even after all the reserves are called up. Here are some suggestions.

Should you have a co-chair?

Some of you now have quite large groups compared to others. If you believe it will help, you may consider a co-chair to help. Typically, this will be one of your ACs who you could ask and elevate into this position. Advantages are that they could help assigning papers. Disadvantages are more coordination, more potential for conflicts on papers (which you are going through), etc. The choice is up to you. If you do get someone to do this, you will have to tell us as we will need to give them SC access to the system.

As you go through each paper

You will be examining each paper to see what AC would be most suitable. While doing this, we suggest you do the following.

We have likely left a few things out, but I am sure we will find out in due course what is missing. Good luck to you all!

Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson