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Re: sigchi - Paper Submission Reminder, Paper Number: paperXXXX

Dear Author,

Please remember to submit your paper, "TITLE HERE", for publication in the
sigchi proceedings.


1. Your CHI 2009 submission id# is in the subject line above. Take
note of the number and the prefix identifying your "Paper" or "Note."

2. ONLY YOU as the lead or designated contact author are receiving
this email, please share this email with your co-authors.

3. Formatting and submission instructions of the FINAL VERSION of
your paper or note:

4. Kindly adhere to the HARD submission deadline for Papers & Notes:
January 12th, 9:00 AM EST, NY time MORNING. The submission site is ready.
Early submissions are encouraged and will be appreciated.

5. A direct link to submit the FINAL VERSION of your paper/note (& a
accompanying video) is available below.

6. AFTER YOU SUBMIT you will receive a confirmation email (to the
contact author's email address entered). Within this email will be a
link for the completed and needed ACM Copyright and/or
Permission-Release Forms. Forms without the title and authors
completed are unacceptable per the ACM Copyright Office. Please print
the form(s) from the links AFTER YOU SUBMIT, sign, date and fax ASAP:
1-908-213-3285 or 1-908-454-2554, or email us a scanned image of the signed form.

For paper submissions and additional information please use the

Thank you,

Lisa Tolles \\
Sheridan Printing