Sunshine Coast - Halfmoon Bay to Langdale

photo: Saul Greenberg

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Trailhead. See Map. Day 1 starts in a schoolyard, while Day 2 starts in the provincial campground.

Opinion. A great introduction to cycling the Sunshine Coast. Good for intermediate cyclist. This route is the course created by Great Exploration's Sunshine Coast Trail Challenge, a two day event where ~200 people signed up for it. Its mostly easy to moderate cycling involving a mix of logging roads, double track, and single track. The second day, while long, is really good as it gives over 700m of descent near the end through awesome trail and forest. Really fun. If you had to do one day only, do the second day. There are also many other trails in this area that will let you access this route (a shuttle is also possible to get to the high point).

Fact. Just follow the map/GPS. The trail was all marked out by the Great Explorations folks, so I just followed the arrows. They probably won't be there for you. Take care at the junctions, as its a bit of a maze otherwise.