Sent Wed Oct 22

Hi all Associate Chairs for CHI

Its time for you to get in touch with your reviewers who have not completed their reviews to remind them to get their reviews done.

-Your AC reviews are due November 3, so you really do want them all there, otherwise it will be hard for you to write your review. -All reviews plus meta-review are sent to the authors for rebuttal on Nov 4. As should be obvious by the above, there is no room for slippage.

I strongly suggest you send your reviewers who have not done their review yet a highly personal note, i.e., address them by name (rather than en mass), tell them how much you are counting on them and how difficult it will be if they don't do their review, and so on. I would also ask them to acknowledge receipt and reaffirm that they are doing it; getting that personal commitment will give you peace of mind.

Send this out soon.. .it will have far more impact than a note from the chair sent on mass.

In looking at the review database, there are still many many reviews missing. Historically, people do tend to do this last minute, but there are also lots of examples where people forget, or it fell through the cracks, etc. So starting and gently nag message will really help you track things.

We are all confident that you will be on top of this!

Thanks so much for doing all this work.
Saul Greenberg and Scott Hudson and (by proxy) all your sub-committee chairs.