ACs & SCs: This week, What to bring to the PC Meeting, and arriving in Boston

Almost there!

This week:

  • You should be doing your 2nd AC reviewing, and touching up your 1AC meta-review based on the rebuttals/discussions/updated reviews by reviewers.
  • You should be encouraging reviewers to update their review if the author's rebuttal touches upon a particular point the reviewer made, especially if the rebuttal states that the reviewer was factually incorrect. Authors do want to know that their rebuttals have been read and acted upon. However, remind reviewers to email you if they have made a substantive change (e.g., in their score), as you will have to consider this in your meta-review and opinion.
  • Check your review page up to and including the end of the week: changes to reviews by reviewers will be flagged on by that little red '*'

To bring to Boston. This list is IMPORTANT

  • A laptop with wireless capability. You will need it for looking up information online and through PCS.
  • The papers/notes article hardcopy of all your 1 AC and 2nd AC assignment papers that are not auto-rejected (score <= 2.7, standard deviation <= 1, no desire to discuss it further.) You may be passing on the copy of the article to other committee members who may be brought into the discussion. We will NOT have other copies of the paper on hand, so if you don't bring a printout, no one will be able to review it easily.
  • A submission summary hardcopy, one per sheet, of all your 1 AC assignment papers that are not auto-rejected showing the submission number, title, authors, and abstract. These will be used for organizing sessions by the content of accepted papers. The easiest way to do this is to go the submission page of each paper, select the text from the top to just after the abstract, and print it. Do NOT include reviewer information!
  • Your meta-reviews for 1 AC and 2nd AC assignment, plus score. This can be copied to files on your laptop or hardcopy. This is just in case something goes wrong with the network or PCS.
  • Speaking points for each paper you want to discuss. This may include a brief summary of the contribution, positive points, and issues (if any). Time is limited.

Arrival in Boston

  1. Hotel: Hyatt Harborside in Boston
  2. Transport from Logan Airport to Hyatt Harborside Hotel.
    The Hyatt Harborside offers 24‐Hour complimentary shuttle service to the hotel.
    • Go to Courtesy Phone Bank and choose the Hyatt button, or call the Hyatt directly at 617‐568‐1234. The hotel will then send the shuttle to your terminal.
    • Go to the shuttle area (estimated wait time is 20 minutes):
    • To wait for the shuttle: from the baggage claim area
      • Terminal A - stand by the last island out, marked by a blue "Courtesy" sign
      • Terminal B - stand by the green column sign outside terminal marked "Courtesy"
      • Terminal C - stand by Island 2 marked "Courtesy"
      • Terminal E - stand by the last island out, marked by a green "Courtesy" sign

Wednesday Evening: Meet and Greet Reception

  • 5:00 - 7:00pm, in the Skyline Ballroom.
    * An informal reception with light hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

Thursday Morning: Breakfast and meeting

7:30 – 8:30am, breakfast outside the Grand Ballroom 8:30am, Plenary Meeting, Grand Ballroom

We will send you a (hopefully final) note with the agenda as well as details of the process later this week.
See you in Boston!
Saul and Scott