Comfortably Numb - Whistler, BC.

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photo: Saul Greenberg
  • Map and GPS data.
  • Mountain bike trip appropriate for strong (both physically and technically) cross-country riders
  • 24 kms total all on single track. Add 12 km for riding on the road back to your car if you don't have a shuttle (or take a taxi!).
  • Elevation gain: See the profile included on the 2nd page of the map. The first part goes from 650m to 850 m, then down to 800m. The second part climbs up to just above 1000m. However, more relevant than these low and high points is that the trail does a considerable amount of short ups and downs on technical terrain; that is what makes it tiring.
  • Trailhead: Drive 4 kilometers north of Whistler on Highway 99 past Green Lake to the signed Wedgemount turnoff / parking lot. Turn onto that road and cross the bridge. Go a short distance left and up the hill and then right. The large trail marker / sign is on the right side of the road. Best done NE to SW as described here.

Opinion. A superb technical ride that is mostly at the blue and single black diamond level. Everything is rideable for the good rider, but expect to get off your bike every now and then if only to take a break. Weaker riders will find this grueling, while stronger riders will find it delightful. Yet its relentless in a good way. The trail really works the land well, has some nice structures on it, some rock slab riding, and is very aesthetic. It mostly travels through lovely forests, but has occasional views. I rate it as one of the great 'must do' cross-country biking trails; certainly one of the great rides in the Whistler/Squamish area.

Fact. Once biking, just follow the trail until you reach Whistler. Its almost impossible to get lost on it. There is only one well-signed junction with another trail just before the major bridge, which you can take if you don't want to do the whole ride. There is also a signed halfway marker and emergency shelter at the 12km mark. The only (minor) confusion is near the very end: you will come onto a frisbee golf area where you should just look for and follow the signs to stay on comfortably numb. Don't get sucked into going straight down the crappy golf trail.