Whitewater Canyon

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photo: Saul Greenberg

Opinion. A lovely hike going up one side of an open valley to a quite beautiful alpine setting. While there is considerable elevation gain, it is steady and quite tolerable. As you walk up the valley, you can clearly see the avalanche slope on the other side which are prime bear terraine. Once you reach the height of the land, there are many options for exploring the area. Bring bear spray, and do the usual bear avoidance things.

Fact. The trail is obvious to follow. The first few kilometers are through nice forests, while the next big push is on one side of an open valley. When you get to the campsite, cross over boulders to the easier walking on the other side of the creek; the trail resumes on the ridge with the large 'Easter Island' boulder at its top. A few more kilometers will bring you to the height of the land where you can explore at your liesure. Whitewater lake below the glacier is one such possibility.