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!! Book Outline

'''How do we structure this book?'''

* [[Attach:OtherWorkbookOutline.doc | Outlines from other books]] To get a sense of it, we checked out other workbook-style books to see both their structure, and how they layed out particular exercises. This document also includes screenshots from other books of possible outlines and layouts, etc.
* [[Attach:OutlineByTechnique.doc | Outline by Technique ]] This version shows a possible outline categorized by Technique
* [[Attach:April_2_OutlineByTechnique.doc | Outline by Technique with a new section called "Storytelling"]] Parts I added are in blue text for quick viewing
* [[Attach:April_2_OutlineByTechnique-2.doc | Outline by Technique with changes in the Interactive Modeling section]] After talking to Sheelagh, we moved some of the techniques that was in Interactive Modeling section into other sections (marked with red text)
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!! Sketching Layouts
!! Sketching Layouts of Post-it note Example
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!! Sketching Layouts

The various versions below show mock-ups of a 'typical' examle layout of a sketching exercise.

*The images in the example are just space-fillers. In this case, I need to take the postits with a different camera and have the post-it note placed on the table and not on the wall.
* The colours are still to be determined, but we can decide this later.

# [[Attach:vertical_two_pages.pdf | Vertical Layout with titles in two pages ]]
# [[Attach:vertical.pdf | Vertical Layout without Titles ]]
# [[Attach:horizontal_two_pages.pdf | Horizontal Layout without titles in two pages ]]
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!! Old Sketch Examples
* [[Attach:Registering Example_March_16.doc|Registering Images]] - draft
* [[Attach:RegisteringImages.pptx|Powerpoint source for images]]
* [[Attach:March26_LinearVideo.indd|Post-it Note InDesign file]] - draft - Need Adobe InDesign to open this file
* [[Attach:LinearVideo_March26.pdf|Post-it Note PDF file]] - draft - Recommend viewing this with 2 pages side-by-side
* [[Attach:March30_RegisteringImages.pdf|New version of Registering Images PDF file]] - draft
* [[Attach:LinearVideo_April_02.pdf|Linear Video PDF file]] - Please email your comments or changes that need to be made before April 2, 2:00pm. Thanks!
* [[Attach:LinearVideo_April_03.pdf|Printed Linear Video Example]] - Printed copy to show to Bill and Publisher
* [[Attach:RegisteringImages_April_03.pdf|Printed Registering Images Example]] - Printed copy to show to Bill and Publisher
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!!Old layouts

* [[Attach:layout2.jpg | old Layout 1 ]] This version tries to follow the same yellow and black colour scheme and includes an image from the original book

* [[Attach:layout1.jpg | old Layout 2 ]] This version doesn't have the image from the original book

* [[Attach:layout3B.jpg | old Layout 3 ]] The height of this page is shorter and there is no yellow background

* [[Attach:layout4.jpg | old Layout 4 ]] Same as previous example but "material" and "tip" section is on the left side

* [[Attach:layout5.jpg | old Layout 5 ]] This version shows all pictures arrange vertically

* [[Attach:layout6A.jpg | old Layout 6 ]] This version shows a part of an image from the original book

* [[Attach:layout6B.jpg | old Layout 6 second page]] This version shows the second page with less images

* [[Attach:layout6D.jpg | old Layout 6 second page with Exercise section]] Same as previous example with Exercise section added

* [[Attach:layoutTitlePage.jpg | old Title Page Layout 1 ]] This version shows a title page following colour scheme from original book

* [[Attach:layoutTitlePage2.jpg| old Title Page Layout 2 ]] This version shows a another tile page