W05 CPSC 233 - Lectures 02, 03, and 04 Schedule (Tentative)

Fall 2004

Note: Audio for this lecture is encoded using the OggVorbis format. It is an open source compression format for audio. MP3, unfortunately, did not encode the lecture audio very well. There are several Ogg Vorbis players for Windows.

The following is a tentative view of the lecture topics to be covered in this course.

Monday Jan 10 L1. Course Introduction. Java Introduction L02/03 L04
Wednesday Jan 12 L2. Java Introduction. L02/03 L04
Friday Jan 14 L3. Statements L02/03 L04
Monday Jan 17 L4. Statements (cont) L02/03 L04
Wednesday Jan 19 L5. Flow Control, Loops L02/03 L04
Friday Jan 21 L6. Strings and Arrays L02/03 L04
Monday Jan 24 L7. State, Variables, Scope, Procedures/Functions/Methods L02/03 L04
Wednesday Jan 26 L8. State, Variables, Scope, Procedures/Functions/Methods(continued) L02/03 L04
Friday Jan 28 L9. Objects and Classes: Notes L02/03 L04
Monday Jan 31 L10. Defining classes in Java: Instantiation, Methods, Memory Models L02/03 L04
Wednesday Feb 2 L11. Methods, Constructors L02/03 L04
Friday Feb 4 L12. Using "this", Class Variables, Class Methods, Garbage collection. L02/03
Monday Feb 7 L13. Cohesion and Coupling, Association L02/03 L04
Wednesday Feb 9 L14. Cohesion example: notes L02/03 L04
Friday Feb 11 L15. Intro to Inheritance L02/03 L04
Monday Feb 14 L16. Inheritance, Syntax, Constructors,
Method Overriding and Polymorphism. Example
L02/03 L04
Wednesday Feb 16 L17. Using Polymorphism L02/03 L04
Friday Feb 18 L18. Midterm Review L02/03 L04
Monday Feb 21 Family Day, Reading week, no lectures 
Wednesday Feb 23 Reading week, no lectures 
Friday Feb 25 Reading week, no lectures 
Monday Feb 28 L19. Coupling issues. Interfaces. Interfaces vs. Abstract classes. L02/03 L04
  Feb 28 Midterm exam: 5:00pm - 7:00pm info 
Wednesday Mar 2 L20. Abstract Classes. Exceptions. L02/03 L04
Friday Mar 4 L21. Exceptions. Collections L02/03 L04
Monday Mar 7 L22. Collections. L02/03 L04
Wednesday Mar 9 L23. Midterm review L02/03 L04
Friday Mar 11 L24. Finish Collections. L02/03 L04
Monday Mar 14 L25. Course evaluations , Packages and CLASSPATH. L02/03 L04
Wednesday Mar 16 L26. Inner Classes, Stream I/O L02/03 L04
Friday Mar 18 L27. Stream I/O L02/03 L04
Monday Mar 21 L28. Filter Streams, Concurrency Issues, Multi-threading L02/03 L04
Wednesday Mar 23 L29. Multi-Threading L02/03 L04
Friday Mar 25 Good Friday - No Classes
Monday Mar 28 L30. Multi-threading (Runnable) L02/03 L04
Wednesday Mar 30 L31. Observer Pattern, GUI: Events L02/03 L04
Friday April 1 L32. Finish: Events L02/03 L04
Monday April 4 L33. Composite Design Pattern/GUI components L02/03 L04
Wednesday April 6 L34. Swing Framework and Swing Components: notes L02/03 L04
Friday April 8 L35. State Design Pattern, Flyweight Design Pattern notes L02/03 L04
Monday April 11 L36. Final Review L02/03 L04
Wednesday April 13 L37. Final Review L02/03 L04
Friday April 15 L38. Robowarz: Student v. Student