CPSC 481
Foundations of HCI
Sheelagh Carpendale (instructor)

Introduction to the Course and to Human Computer Interaction

The course starts with a brief administrative overview, indicating its purpose, structure, objectives, and so on. A taxonomy of HCI is then used to present an overview of the field, and to indicate what this course will cover and what it will leave out.


Topics Covered

Required Readings

Optional Readings from Baecker Grudin Buxton and Greenberg


Videos are used in the first few classes to show futuristic and visionary interfaces. They not only inspire and motivate, but also illustrate how many major problems in Computer Science (outside of HCI) must be solved before these visions can be realized. For example, I ask students to write down all the innovations displayed in the Apple video. We then list them on the board, and relate them to computer science problems (here is an example list). I then use Ishii's delightful video because it goes beyond business users, showing kids and artists as well.

Major sources used to prepare the lecture material