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How To Start Using Top Hat Monocle (electronic response system)

To get an account for this course go to: (search for "University of Calgary").  To receive a grade you need to create an account (use the "create account" link).

To use the system in lecture you will need a laptop or a phone. The course url is:  (The 'course code' is included in the web address - the last 6 digits). A laptop and smart phone will give full access to all features, including submitting any questions, answering questions other students have asked and participating in interactive demos. You do so by accessing the website. A regular cell phone gives partial access and will allow you to text answers to multiple choice questions. Because some students have encountered spotty Wi-Fi access it's recommended that you text in your messages or you access TopHat via cellular rather than computer wireless access. Send your answers to: (647) 931-6504. The content of the message is the 4 digit question code followed by your answer. You will see the code when the question is on the screen.