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CPSC 219: Midterm #2 Information

Additional details will be added over time...



Review material:


Front cover from the actual exam (so make sure you look at this beforehand...important so make sure you read them beforehand!). Notice that you need to enter your ID number on the inside cover of the examination (don't forget to to this).


Material that you should study

Classes that you should be familiar with:

While you are not expected to be familiar with all methods and attributes on the exam you should be able to call/trace methods of the following classes whose methods have been covered during the semester.

Although a Java array is not a class you should also be familiar with tracing/writing code employing the length() method of the array type.


Exam topics

Lecture topics covered so far

Approximate proportion of the exam1

Earlier material (introduction to Java and introduction to Object-Oriented programming) ~13%
Advanced Java   70
Hierarchies (includes Tuesday's lecture)   3
Other (doesn't neatly belong in one of the above categories e.g., spans multiple categories).  ~13%


Exam questions1

Multiple choice questions 22 marks

  22 questions

Short answer questions  9 marks

  There will be two code writing questions

1 It's based on a near-final version of the midterm (exact proportions may vary *slightly*)