CPSC 457 - Assignment 2 - Demo Protocol

In order to make it quicker and easier for us to mark assignment 2, we are going to have you demonstrate your code compiling and patching the kernel. We'd like to you to be able to complete the steps below when we demo on Monday, June 20.


To demo we need you to:

  1. Set up a clean version of the class VM
  2. Set up and show your patch
  3. Compile your patch
  4. Install your patch
  5. Run your VM
  6. Demonstrate your utilities
    1. Add at least 3 different tags to different processes and add two different tags to two process. Demonstrate that you can tag both as a user and as root.
    2. Show how processes are tagged after forking (you may need to write your own forking program)
    3. Show the processes tagged in /proc/tagstat
    4. Demonstrate the tagstat utility
    5. Demonstrate the tagkill utility
    6. Remove all tags from a process and remove only one tag from another

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