Here's a demonstration of AGATE operation. You need to have Java enabled, and despite fiddling around with it, it doesn't seem to want to run on anything lower than Java 1.4, sorry! (If you know why this happens, please email me; I'd like to fix the problem.)

There are four grammars that you can select from the "File" menu:

  1. Basic - the basic expansion mechanism.
  2. Goto - shows how goto statements work.
  3. Function - how function calls work.
  4. Conditional - a conditional branch.
The symbol highlighted in red is the one the program counter points to.

You can also tweak the animation speed (or turn off animation completely) from the menu. Not surprisingly, animation works well on a fast machine, probably not so well on, say, a Commodore 64.

Animated demo -- requires Java, sorry!

This demo was written by Deifante Walters, with minor modifications by John Aycock.