Interesting things

Click here to get information about Linux.

Click here to look for the latest Linux kernel patches.

Click here to see today's Dilbert cartoon.

Slightly less interesting things

  • Here's where I ripped off that cool linux inside gif from.
  • Matt Welsh's home page - this usually has a wider and more up-to-date selection of Linux HOWTOs and FAQs.
  • Sunsite, a ftp site with an HTML index, so you can traverse it with little or no cognitive expenditure. If Apple's one-button mouse confused you, this is a good way to go.
  • Current Linux projects. I'm just putting this in here since it took me forever to find the damn thing.
  • Wired Magazine's home page. A perfect example of how the media has "discovered" the Internet, making it quite unpalatable for everyone who was already there, but hey - some of the writing isn't bad..
  • NASA's home page. This has some really cool stuff; better in color though.

  • Tremendously less interesting things

  • Webworld. Has to be seen to be believed.

  • Last updated on 15 May 1996 by John Aycock