CPSC 503  Project Course
Winter 2007




Final Conference 13th April

Check this web page regularly for updates

The timetable will be made soon  - please verify with your supervisor that you can BOTH make your slot.
You will not get a mark for the course unless your supervisor attends.

The conference will take place on the 13th April.  Please attend all sessions for which you do not have another class.   You will be expected to attend most of the conference.
Your final presentation will be a 30 min. slot at the conference. 20 minutes talk and demo and 10 mins. for questions.
The session chair will keep each paper strictly to time. Supervisors and course organzer have first chance to ask questions.
Questions from the floor will be invited if there is time.
Please prepare a conference paper and presentation for the end of term. There will be a proceedings given to each student.

Conference Presentation
Please make sure that your presentation is kept under 20 minutes.  Some guidelines:   See 599 page.
See also Saul Greenberg's presentation notes.

Conference Papers
Conference papers should be formatted as most academic conferences using exactly the formats you should have used for your interim report.   If you used one of these for your interim there will be little work involved.  All those that used Word against my advice will be in big trouble.    Note that the page limit is 10 Pages (double column format).    You can also submit supplementary material - images, movies, appendices that will go onto the CD.