Here are a handful of screenshots that I took back when I played UO. I'll explain a few things about the screenshots, in case you've never seen or played Ultima Online. First, I didn't crop out just the viewport, just to show how I used to lay my screen out while playing. You can see character stats, bits of the chat window, and other such things. The character being played is always in the center of the viewport, but in some of the screenshots, the action is so intense that you might not make out the character.

Be warned that the screenshots are large, and so might take a while to load, depending on your connection speed.


One of the biggest storylines that existed in Ultima Online was about Juo'nar, a lich that had amassed large forces of undead to invade Britannia. The city of Trinsic, in the south end of Britannia, was Juo'nar's target, and the heroes of Britannia gathered to defend the great city. It was all in vain, of course...

Click here to see the Juo'nar screenshots.


These are some other miscellaneous screenshots that I have taken.

While cleaning up some old harddrives, I found a few more screenshots!

p.s. Putting these screenshots up made me miss the game so much that I've actually started playing again. Damned addiction....