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CPSC 235: Advanced Introduction to Computer Science - Assessment

The University policy on grading and related matters is described in the university calendar.

Grading will be based on several assignments for each student. The submission dates for these assignments can be found here. The following table describes the percentages with which the grades for the assignments will be weigthed to compute the final grade of a student.

Initial concept document        15%
Final product document        20%
Final product        40%
Evaluation document for another student's product        25%

Note that a student will fail the course if he or she has an F in any of the assignments!

On the other side, a student will get an A+ for the whole course if (s)he has an A in each assignment.

Outside of these two special cases, I will grade each of the items above individually and then use the percentages to get the final grade. So, if, for example, a student got an A- for the concept document, a B+ for the final product document, an A for the final product and a B for the evaluation document, we have:
(3.7*1.5 + 3.3*2 + 4*4 + 3*2.5)/10 = 3.565,
which will be rounded to 3.7 (i.e. A-).

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