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CPSC 235: Advanced Introduction to Computer Science - Materials

Sources on the Internet

There are a large number of resources on the WWW around the topics of interest for this course, in fact, many more than can be looked at in a reasonable time. And while there are very good resources, there are also rather bad ones out there. This is, on purpose, also a little bit reflected by the following links. A key criterion for the following links is that they are free. It is recommended that students also do some searching on their own to find the resources that are right for them.



servlets and JSP


Files to the course

The slides containing the general information on a particular topic that I use in the lectures will be available before the respective lectures here as Acrobat pdf-files (in two formats: one slide per page and the 6 slides per page handout).

Date handout format one slide per page
Sep. 9 Introduction Introduction
Sep. 11 Short intro: Java Short intro: Java
Sep. 16 Short intro: Python Short intro: Python
Sep. 18 Short intro: JSP Short intro: JSP

to the assignments of the course.

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