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CPSC 433: Artificial Intelligence - Timetable

The following table gives the planned schedule for the fall semester for all lectures. You find also links to the two different formats of pdf files under the materials column (if a new file was needed for the lecture). Note that these files just contain the slides. It is highly recommended that you also take notes, because the content of the slides is rather condensed and might not be understandable without my explanations (and your notes regarding these explanations) in the lectures.

Date Lecture Topics Materials Deadlines
Sep. 12 Introduction handout, single slide   
Sep. 14 Introduction, Structure of an AI system, Knowledge Processing - Intro handout, single slide   
Sep. 19 Search: Basic Definitions handout, single slide   
Sep. 21 Search: set-based search handout, single slide   
Sep. 26 Search: set-based search and and-tree-based search handout, single slide   
Sep. 28 Search: and-tree-based search      
Oct. 3 Search: or-tree-based search handout, single slide   
Oct. 5 Search: or-tree-based search and other models handout, single slide   
Oct. 10 Search: other models and Search Control Issues handout, single slide   
Oct. 12 Search: Search Control Issues      
Oct. 17 Knowledge Representation - Intro handout, single slide   
Oct. 19 Logic: General ideas, propositional logic    Oct. 20, noon: submission of your paper
Oct. 24 Logic: First-order logic handout, single slide   
Oct. 26 Logic: First-order logic      
Oct. 31 Midterm      
Nov. 2 Logic: Other logics      
Nov. 7 Rule-based Systems: Prolog handout, single slide   
Nov. 9 Rule-based Systems: Mycin      
Nov. 14 Frames handout, single slide   
Nov. 16 Frames, Semantic Nets handout, single slide   
Nov. 21 Semantic Nets      
Nov. 23 Neural Networks handout, single slide   
Nov. 28 Constraints handout, single slide   
Nov. 30 General Issues: Cooperation      
Dec. 5 General Issues: Learning handout, single slide   
Dec. 7 Questions and Answers    Dec. 8, noon: submission of source code, documentation and solution of Department instance

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