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CPSC 449: Principles of Programming Languages - Assessment

General Information

The University policy on grading and related matters is described in the university calendar.

The course will have a Registrar's scheduled final examination and a midterm exam scheduled during one of the lectures. These exams together constitute the exam component of the course and there is also an assignment component.

The final grade will be calculated using the grade point equivalents of the individual grades achieved weighted by the percentages given later on this page. To get the final letter grade for the course, the weighted sum is converted back using the official University grade point equivalents. In order to deal with the grade A+ that unfortunately does not scale in the grade point equivalents, the following rule will apply: an A+ as final letter grade will be awarded to every student who has an A in both exams and in all three of the assignment components.

In order to pass the course, both the exam component and the assignment component have to be passed individually!

The assignment component

For a detailed description of what you have to do, please refer to the assignment page. The following table describes the percentage with which the individual task grades will be weighted in the final grade for the course.

Assignment in Pascal or Java        15%
Assignment in Haskell        15%
Assignment in Prolog        15%
Best grade from above        5%

So, you get three grades (one for each assignment) and the best grade counts 20 percent and the other two 15 percent. I was contemplating for some time to let the worst grade count 20 percent, so that you put the same effort into the last assignment that you put into the others. I hope you show me that my decision was the right one!

I expect each team to do their own systems, so cooperation between teams, especially exchange of code, is not allowed!

The exam component

As already described, we follow the usual midterm-final-scheme for exams. The weighting of the grades you achieve in these two exams is as follows:

Midterm        20%
Final exam        30%

Remember, you have to pass this component to pass the course. For example, this means that a D in the midterm and an F in the final is not sufficient!

to the materials for the course.

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